Pet Stations – Be a Good Neighbor



Dear Residents,
Paradise Palms has been always known as a Pet friendly community however part of being good pet owners is taking responsibility to pick up after our dogs.
However, there have been an increasing number of pet owners that ‘forget” to do so. 
In an effort to make it easier to be good dog owners, and to keep our neighborhood clean, a new Pet Station with doggie waste bags has been installed and is now available at the intersection of Bethel Blvd. and Denny Court. We also installed a reminder sign “PLEASE BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR – Clean up after your dog” on Denny Court few feet west of South Conference Drive. (See attached pictures).
These are the first of several pet waste stations/signs we are planning to locate in strategic places throughout the community. If you are interested in supporting this campaign either by donating pet stations, signs or allowing to post Station/Sign on your property, just let us know by contacting us at
Let’s work together in keeping clean our beautiful neighborhood!!
Paradise Palms Property Owners Association, Inc

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