Do you have “worms” invading your yard and house? Here’s a reasonable solution to make them go away!

The “worms” we are dealing with are “yellow-banded millipedes”. This is a new pest, recently introduced to our area through items transported from the Caribbean, these millipedes have no natural predators in South Florida. Thankfully, they do not cause damage to our landscape or any other damage. Also, they are not toxic to pets.

So far, no specific controls have been created for them. If they get into your house they will do no damage. You will typically find them dead. The main complaint about them is that they are an awful, nasty nuisance.

I have had success keeping them at bay with something you can buy locally or order on-line. It’s called Triazicide (made by Spectracide). It’s an affordable product and easy to apply since it is ready-to-use when attached to the end of your garden hose.

Start by spraying the perimeter of your house and several feet up on the walls. Saturate areas of mulch (the millipedes live under the mulch and under the soil). Spray as much as you can on to your lawn as far out from the periphery of your house as possible (to include the porch and porch screens).

My rate of application was initially one bottle every two weeks. You may need to re-apply after the first week or two depending on your own situation of intrusion. I have had incredible success and am now down to re-applying every three to four weeks. When the weather cools down we should see the millipede intrusion going down.

Triazicide has worked VERY well at our house. Our neighbors have also been doing the same treatment and have the same results.