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January 28, 2016

Sugar Sand Park

Meeting began at 7:25 pm

2015 Board Members Present:

Ray Garcia – President

Adriana Moreno – Vice President

Jennifer Magulick – Treasurer (Not present)

Lynda Bush – Trustee

Nancy Davis – Trustee

Quorum met.

President Ray Garcia made introduction of new 2016 Board Members, Bryan Diaz and Kristen Chaney, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

Ray introduced the new Paradise Palms Committee Chairs:

Welcoming: Terrie Dionne (not present)

Landscape: Lori Planas

Neighborhood Safety: Pat Pullano

Newsletter/Website: Diego Bonilla

Home of the Month: Lisa Boros

Anna Serna – Pet

Carol Ann Lombardo, resigned from her position as Communications Coordinator and Jennifer Magulick, resigned as Treasurer. The Board and Committee Members recognized Carol Ann and Jennifer for their contribution of time and effort. Their service is greatly appreciated.

PPPOA Annual Meeting 2015 Minutes read. Motion to accept (1) Jerry Bamel (2) Manny Serna

2015 Treasurer’s Report and 2016 Budget read. Motion to accept (1) Nancy Davis (2) All in favor

Election of 2016 Board Members

Ray Garcia – President

Adriana Moreno – Vice President

Bryan Diaz – Treasurer

Kristen Chaney – Secretary

Lynda Bush – Trustee

Nancy Davis – Trustee

Margie Sarcia Stewart – Trustee

Election of Board Members: Motion to accept (1) Jerry Bamel (2) Manny Serna. All in favor

Margie Sarcia Stewart nominated to fill third position as Trustee. Motion to accept (1) Carol Ann Lombardo (2) Lisa Boros. All in favor

2015 Board Accomplishments:

  • Membership has declined. In 2014 we had 130 homeowners who paid their dues. In 2015, 113 homeowners paid, a 15% decline.  With a new treasurer and system in place, we are planning to increase membership for 2016.
  • The website has been redesigned to be more user friendly
  • Potlucks very successful
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Tree pruning and sidewalk pressure cleaning
  • Holiday lighting and traditional luminaries
  • Welcoming Committee in place and active
  • Formation of a Pet Committee; Information on Paradise Palms website creating a database of all neighborhood pets in the event one is lost or found.

Open Discussion and Goals:

  • Potlucks very successful; these will be an ongoing event; Announced at the meeting if anyone knows of a homeowner who would like to host to please contact the Board. Great community event; We plan to have more and will try to get more people involved
  • Continue with the quarterly newsletter; Charge $30 for business card advertisement
  • Continue to grow membership work on PayPal system
  • The wall project and landscaping were discussed. Bethel Boulevard north along Military Trail does not have a wall or lighting. The Board felt a wall would enhance the community, thus our investment, which is our home.
  • Our community is not necessarily outdated. A wall will bring the community together.
  • Lori Planas presented drawings of the wall project. The plan calls to enhance Bethel Boulevard and North Conference at the traffic light with continuation of the wall, lighting, landscaping, painting and marquee.
  • Ficus trees are going to be removed; spending too much money cannot keep up with white fly; throwing money away.
  • Project anticipated to take 2 years
  • Will be done in phases and will include disease resistant plants.

A motion to vote on wall: Lori makes a motion for the wall to go forward. (2) Pat Pullano All in favor, No opposed.

Homeowner, Karen Suarez wants options but all agree it should be like the wall we already have. We need to be consistent but incorporating lighting and landscaping. Unifying the whole neighborhood

Meeting Adjourned 9:05PM.